Prepare Your Portfolio for Building Performance Standards 

Regulations have already been passed for many major cities  – including Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., and most notably, New York City.

With 16 laws enacted and 30 more in evaluation, how will these oncoming regulations impact your portfolio? 

Our exclusive guidebook is designed to help you navigate these complex regulations and prepare your portfolio with: 

  • Benchmarking and BPS breakdowns by state and city

  • GreenGen's guide to compliance based on our strategic expertise and implementation experience 

  • Key insights, tools, and resources to help you along your journey to compliance 

Access the Guidebook

Access Strategies for Navigating Nationwide Compliance

Understanding BPS
Gain a comprehensive overview of building performance standards (BPS), including why they have been introduced and how they impact building owners. 
Regulations Breakdown
See every city and state that has introduced a BPS – as well as their specific performance goals, eligibility criteria,  and non-compliance fines. 
Compliance Guide
Discover an eight-step process to help navigate compliance across your portfolio and learn about one client with an office in NYC office that used this process – and is set to avoid $6.8 million in fines as a result. 

Get Ahead of Oncoming Regulations